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6 Responses
  1. Rommy Tombokan says:

    Saya membutuhkan informasi tentang kampung inggris…

  2. Laras Pudji says:

    please sent about price and time for ‘daftar’

  3. Siti Nur'aini says:


  4. atie says:

    mau tanya sistem pelajaran’y seperti apa??
    sama biaya2

  5. fafa says:

    info kursus buat 10 mei ini

  6. anton says:

    i want more information about course, like :
    – when the course start
    – how long the course
    – how much the course

    i wait your answer who should very completely, so i don’t confuse and hesitate.
    for your information, i want my daughter (11 years old) follow to your course and we live in bekasi.


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